Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February 2008 Supper Club @ reBar

January 2008: Eco-Eatery Tour @ T Salon

Sadly no photos from this event either? You have some? Send them over!

December 2007: One-Year Anniversary Super Sustainable Supper Club @ reBar

November 2007 Scavenger Hunt @ Washington Square Park and Pegu Club

October 2007 Supper Club @ LES Girls Club

Nicole Sherwin shared her stories of filming a documentary about banana farming in Nicaragua.

No pictures from this either...?

Summer 2007 ...lost?

Photos from Summer 2007 events seem to be lost...? If you have some, send them my way (

We did play a lot of kickball, however.

April 2007 Eco-Eatery Tour @ iCi

April 2007 Earth Day Supper Club in the Park!

Feb 2007 Eco-Eatery Tour @ Flatbush Farm

December 2006 Supper Club at Amber and Francis'

November 2006 Supper Club at Annie's

Annie Christian was an integral part of the start to Green Edge NYC. She hosted several potlucks in her home...

First Green Edge Event EVER

Way back in July of 2006, Annie Christian and Gina Bernardo (now Bergdall) joined a few others for the potluck that changed NYC.